Eternal Equinox:

Art, Seduction, Love & Conquest- A romantic dramedy about a very uncommon romantic triangle.


Justin Ellis (Mallory) is mesmerizing as he describes in detail what it’s like to climb 25,000 feet up Mt. Everest, and being caught in an avalanche” - The Tolucan Times

Justin Ellis .... should be commended for taking on this spicy subject matter... required comic timing and believable chemistry. Everyone delivered in Spades.  - The Burbank Leader   

Preternaturally handsome Mallory (Justin Ellis)- Los Angeles Times

Press picture from Eternal Equinox (copyright GTC)- Justin is pictured on the right

Produced by multiple 'LA Ovation Award' winning theater company GTC (Grove Theater Company), this new play, part of the 'New Play Writing Initiative' is a wonderfully written, articulate, witty, touching & sensual look at three fascinating people battling fame, inspiration and Mount Everest in the Fall of 1923 in England: Vanessa Bell, the sister of Virginia Woolf, and one of the famed Bloomsbury artists; Duncan Grant, the most famous of the Bloomsbury painters, who was openly gay but lived with Vanessa for over forty years and fathered her daughter; and George Mallory (who Justin Ellis is cast as)- the first mountain climber to attempt to scale Mount Everest, who coined the phrase “Because it’s there” and died on his third attempt climbing the mountain (his body was finally discovered in 1999 and it’s still unclear whether he made the summit or not).

Click HERE for the full REVIEW of the play. The Tolucan Times review is HERE For a great Youtube video featuring pictures, music and further reviews from this great show see below:



The Tragedy of Abraham Lincoln, by M. Stefan Strozier, which follows the events that lead up to the president's assasination, appeared at Where Eagles Dare Theatre, played in Manhattan, with La Muse Vénale Acting Troupe

Here are some reviews from the show s

“...... (actors) create solid characterizations— notably ... Justin Ellis, who, as Lincoln, delivers the Gettysburg Address with real eloquence and gravity, permitting us to hear it as if for the first time.” Martin Denton,

“Particularly outstanding performances are delivered by Justin Ellis as Lincoln…” Fred McKinnon,

Click HERE for a video clip filmed at a live performance from the show

Feature Films:

Justin had a principal role in Warner Bros Pictures feature August Rush, earning the right to join SAG.

The action, horror The Thirteenth Sign in which Justin played the charismatic, sadistic and insane bounty hunter Zaldor, was highly acclaimed at the Jonathan Ross supported Shock Around The Clock all day Horror film festival - it is available to buy or rent on DVD and VHS, from stores such as Blockbusters. Visit the production company's website at for the latest information.

Zaldor from The Thirteenth Sign

Having completed filming the Action Fantasy feature Warrior Sisters, playing the male lead Garth, a vengeful, tragic, hero, in a world of demons, witches and monsters, dates are still to be confirmed for the relaese of the movie. A screening is planned for the London Raindance film festival, otherwise view the trailer and find out more iformation at

Garth from Warrior Sisters

Finished filming Unfinished Business (fictional soap opera which features predominantly within feature film The Tower Block) - rest of film yet to be shot- visit Selva Films for further information.

Short films:

March 2007- completed filming of a new short film called Mr Black in Los Angeles. It it has been accepted by the Stephen Spielberg produced film competition 'On The Lot'- I played the title role- watch the full 5 minute movie under the 'video' section of this site or by clicking HERE (Quicktime 7 required)

Mr Black



Late March 2006, Justin played the lead character, Adrian, in a new vampire themed short titled Seekers, set and filmed in New York City, produced by Bronx based production company, Harrington Talents. A lot of interest has already been generated, including the likes of Lionsgate Films, to make the feature length version of this great story.

A Adrian in a frame from Seekers

Click HERE for a link to a trailer for SeekersAd

Shot a short titled Lovefool, playing the lead as an American Pscycho type character- details will be posted as to when you can get to see this exciting new project.

Bobby from Lovefool

Played the lead (a complex, challenging psychotic character) in an outstanding new short film called Love In The First Degree. It's premiere screening was at the Curzon cinema, Soho, London and was recently screened on British TV- should you wish to see a copy of the movie or want information on further screenings please contact the Writer/Producer (Perry Stevens) at The feature film script has been written and planned to shoot soon.

Adam from Love In The First Degree

TV Commercials:

Played the main protagonist in a TV Commercial for Coca Cola in Lisbon, Portugal.

Coke commercial

October 2004: shot a gangster short-story style commercial HBO on demand spec project in New Jersey, to be pitched at the movie rental market:


Had a small role as a Business Executive, Tom Schofield, in a single episode of the second BBC2 series drama Attachments-

TV Presenting:

October 2004- presented the New York/USA report on health/science current topics for fun, family Japanese show Hakkutsu! Aruaru Daijiten (Discover! Encyclopedia of things you know) for Japanese TV (Fuji TV Network)- broadcast in Japan nationwide in November/December 2004.